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Hummingbird Protector Apron-Detail
Hummingbird Protector Apron-Detail
cotton fabric, silk organza fabric, relief printing, eco printing, silkscreen, hummingbird vine, machine stitching, hand stitching, and embroidery

This apron was created to provide protection for it’s wearer from Depression. I began by drafting a pattern based on the apron that I wear daily. Having struggled with Depression for much of my life, I drew from my own experience to determine the protective elements in the piece. I began by screen printing on fabric, the text from a vintage self help book called “The Power of Positive Thinking”. In my experience, Depression has not been something that I can “think” myself out of. I first have to climb out of the dark hole far enough to even access such a strategy. The words in the book were not helpful, and I tore holes in the screen printed fabric. I then decided to repair the holes with relief prints on fabric, carvings that I made depicting hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are a symbol for joy, and their mere presence reconnects me to a sense of wonder. The act of embroidering the hummingbirds filled me with a sense of calm. I placed hummingbird vine on the fabric and pounded it into the surface, creating a permanent impression of the leaves. The act of pounding the fabric was cathartic and released negative energy and trapped feelings. The pockets contain some of my favorite quotes written on bits of fabric, as the words and wisdom of others holds healing power for me. In the other pocket are hummingbird vine pods, symbols of hope – small, fragile objects that represent the beauty, fragility, and persistence of life. The struggle may not have been apparent in this pretty apron before I told you it’s story, and this can also be true for many who suffer from Depression.