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Four Leaf Clover Protector Apron and Mask-Detail
Four Leaf Clover Protector Apron and Mask-Detail
silk organza, four leaf clovers, cotton thread, metallic thread, hand stitching
31" x 23"

Through walking outdoors daily, over the years I have collected hundreds of four leaf clovers. I created this apron to protect the fragile clovers, using embroidery to encase them in pockets of silk organza. The clovers, a symbol for luck and psychic protection also serve to protect the wearer. In this the time of COVID-19, when the apron was made, a mask was a necessary protective garment. Although the silk is porous, and seems too diaphanous to protect from a persistent virus, silk has been said to have powerful protective qualities. The clovers add extra security for the wearer, a metaphysical shield created from nature itself.