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Fabric Artist's Book by Lesley Patterson-Marx
Notions (detail)
Fabric, found objects, thread, archival ink
6" x 24" x 1.25", 6" x 4" closed

Noun-1. a conception or belief about something
2. an impulse or desire, especially of a whimsical kind
3. items used in sewing, such as buttons, pins, and hooks
This artist’s book incorporates all facets of the definition of the word “Notions”. The female figures are inspired by vintage sewing book illustrations of designs for garment necklines. I gave the figures necklaces, each with two words typed on fabric, and attached with thread. The pairs of words are notions that one could have about one’s self, representing both positive and negative attributes. Both notions worn around the neck can be true, but in reframing our beliefs about ourselves to incorporate more positive ones, we grow in self compassion, in turn cultivating compassion for others. The second definition of the word “Notions” as referring to an impulsive or whimsical desire, is expressed in the playful and intuitive approach to the layered composition of the piece. The use of sewing materials to create the work refers to the definition of “Notions” as items used in sewing, such as buttons, pins, and hooks.