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Cut paper portrait of Christine Kittrell by Lesley Patterson-Marx
Christine Kittrell (Portrait)
Archival inkjet print, acrylic paint, cut paper
11" x 14"

Christine Kittrell, 1929-2001
Born Christine Porter in Nashville, Christine Kittrell was a successful R&B vocalist whose career spanned from the 1940s to the late 1960s, during which time she developed a strong following in Nashville’s thriving R&B scene. Although she was lesser known than contemporaries such as Etta James and Dinah Washington, Kittrell was no less of a vocalist. Her most successful record was a song she wrote called “Sittin’ Here Drinking.” The tune was released in 1952 on the Tennessee record label and featured members of Fats Domino’s band. She was one of the musicians featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum’s historic exhibit and recording compilation, Night Train to Nashville.

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