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I have lived in the same neighborhood in Nashville for the past sixteen years. I have witnessed the demolition of many homes in my neighborhood, including those on my street, houses where friends and neighbors used to live. Shiny new houses are built in their place, while architectural and personal histories are lost. As I walk
past the empty lots, I think of the generations of families that used to live there, and all of the memories held within the houses that are gone forever. This paper house is a tribute to the lost architectural history of my neighborhood. Many of the photographs used in this piece were found at the flea market and antique stores near my home. The tiny accordion book, made from small photographs of people, fits inside the door beneath the front porch.

"Memory House," Book object with found photographs by Lesley Patterson-Marx
Memory House
Found Photographs, mylar, Rives BFK, Cardstock
4" x 4" x 3"