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I am always amazed at the synchronicity of songs that I overhear. They can come from the radio, a passing car, the grocery store, an elevator...Somehow they often relate to something personal and specific that I have been working through in my mind, as if through magic. This book object oracle will answer your questions in the form of a song. Dial in your channel. Choose from these stations: Spirit, Mind, Heart, Travel, Weather, Health. Write your question on the slip of paper provided and place it in the hole at the top of the radio. Choose a station book from the back of the radio/book. Flip to a random page, which will contain the title of a song, which is the answer to your question!
This book is also a tribute to the AM radio stations that I have loved over the years, and listened to tirelessly in the studio, specifically those that played the American Popular Standards format with songs from the 1930's-1960's. Sadly, these stations are no longer on the air. Someday, I will build a magic radio to capture them from the ether.


found book sculpture, found object art, transistor radio, oracle
The Peerless Speaker Oracle answers your questions with a song (in memory of WAMB 1200AM, Nashville).
found book, transistor radio, thread, sheet music, acrylic ink, pencil, collage, found photographs, watch part vials, radio parts, watch parts, book board, book cloth
4.75” x 7.25” when closed